In Royal Trade we have the largest number of supplies, materials and supplies for the oil, petrochemical industry, gas and mining, making this the to provide you the biggest and best quality of existing products in the international market at prices really competitive and commensurate with the needs of their projects and their investment. Don't wait any longer, please contact us at 786-237-8880 or email and soon one of our sales executives so serve gladly because Royal Trade our priority is you.

    01.-Security equipment     11.-Chemical products  
    02.-Heat diffusers     12.-Filters  
    03.-Wellhead / pipelines     13.-Fluids  
    04.-Valves     14.-Connections  
    05.- Gaskets and seals     15.-Water purifiers  
    06.-Compressors     16.-Electrical supplies  
    07.-Electronic supplies     17.-Instrumentation  
    08.-Tools     18.-HVAC  
    09.- Cranes / heavy equipment     19.-Pumping systems  
    10.-Marine equipment     20.-Measuring instruments  

We are suppliers of everything you need for the oil industry and its derivatives. Tools, compressors, chemicals, filters, unions, electric parts, pipes, joints, fluids, valves, seals, marine equipment, measuring instruments, safety equipment, uniforms, purifiers water, wicks, HVAC, pumps, and everything you need for your business.

We have the trained personnel to understand their requirements of supplies for the oil industry and its derivatives. We know the importance of their orders and the urgency of deliveries for the performance of their contracts of service. That's why that rust Trade our staff is properly trained in the knowledge of each of the products we offer.

We are strategically located in the city of Weston to south florida clouse to ports and airports in Miami and Ft Lauderdale just minutes from our offices facilitating the management of purchase, arrival with this and send teams to major destinations in Latin America and the Caribbean, ensuring delivery on time.


Our expertise is at your disposal to advise you in finding what you need planning with you each of the steps necessary to provide the best products and the best solutions for the oil industry and its derivatives. Royal Trade the best advertising is their satisfaction, don't wait more and contact us today same.

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